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Steven Martins
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20 October 2015

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    Your computer system is often a victim of over-usage and incomplete cleaning. Without proper cleaning of the system, your computer can get slow and become poor in performance. With the use of System Cleaner, you can protect your computer safely.
    With this software you can increase performance of your system and keep it error free. When you use this software, you would see that you can safely scan and remove different garbage files on your computer, free up extra disk space and also keep your system at peak performance. Also, this software can completely overwrite files with random characters, rendering the file unrecoverable by Undelete or Unerase. You can keep your desktop clean by cleaning dead shortcuts from your Start menu and Desktop. System Cleaner with a clear purpose seeks out all the garbage from your system and cleans it up reliably and safely, streamlining and optimizing your system.
    Once, your system is completely clean of all the junk files, you can speed up hard drive searching performance by removing unnecessary files.

Publisher's description

Your PC is slowing down. Programs don't run as fast as they used to; it takes longer to boot up in the morning and sometimes it takes forever to shut down at the end of the day. Don't worry, you're not alone. These kinds of things happen to all PCs eventually. It's not your fault.
Your PC needs an occasional tune-up just like your car does. Files become fragmented, disk caches fill up, the all-important Windows Registry gets disorganized and, before you know it, your PC starts letting you down when you need it the most.
These problems are not going to go away by themselves...
But it doesn't take much to fix them. All you have to do is download System Cleaner, the premier software package that's custom designed to get your Windows-based PC performing as if it were factory new, and you're all set. And don`t forget to take care of your online privacy while you're at it. System Cleaner also erase all of your footprints so you can be sure that what you do online isn't seen by other PC users.
System Cleaner
System Cleaner
Version 7.6.21
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